A Shift in the Market.

From all the real estate Gurus and financial Wizards who have their fingers on the pulse of our economy…. word has come down that we can expect to see a “shift” in the market come January. This is not at all unusual given that election years typically see an up-tick in the market and good [more]

A Huge Thank You!

I want to say “thank you” to Kim Negron and her team at Homebridge Mortgage. She has helped so many of our buyers get financing when no one else could. Her service is “par excellence!” She promptly gets back to our clients, answers their questions, provides us with timely pre-approval letters and keeps everything going [more]

The Truth about Open Houses

If you are a builder working on a development with more “product” to sell, then Open Houses work for you. If you open one single house in a neighborhood, particularly a “show place,” then what you will see mostly is “nosey neighbors” and “unqualified” buyers. Unqualified because if they could afford your house their agent [more]

Advice to “For Sale By Owners”

I just had the opportunity to sell two properties that were on the market without a real estate company. What is difficult is the lack of information provided by the homeowner.   The first piece I would recommend is either hiring a property inspector for a “pre-inspection” or filling out a “seller property information disclosure, [more]

One Level Living

As the baby boomers continue to age we are seeing an increased demand for one level living or at the very least, first floor master bedrooms. We are also noticing a trend toward “down-sizing.” Moving into smaller, more manageable homes. Baby boomers are letting go of their single-family houses and moving to condominium living where [more]

Why Wait?

I find it interesting when buyers “wait” to buy a property.  Not because they need to save money or some other logical reason, but because they want to see if the prices are going to go lower. Prices are driven by supply and demand and a bit by interest rates going up or down. Depending [more]


There is no question, this is a must. You want to have your home make a great first impression. Think about buying a car. If you had 2 identical cars, for the same price and one was dirty with trash on the floors and dog hairs on the seat and the other was beautifully detailed [more]

Interest Rates on the Rise?

We’ve heard rumor that the Fed is going to raise the interest rates soon. What does that mean to you? As a buyer, you lose buying power because you can afford less. An example would be a $100,000 mortgage payment, amortized over 30 years, with a 4% interest rate equals a $477.74 per month payment [more]

Don’t take it off!

It’s the holiday time of year and we see a lot of sellers taking their homes off the market because …“they don’t want it shown over the holidays” This is a … BIG MISTAKE If you are serious about selling consider that only really serious buyers are looking over the holidays. They don’t want to [more]

Real Estate as an Investment

Real Estate can still be, and in most cases is, a better investment than the stock market has been in recent years. You can outright buy a home, fix it up, live in it, and it appreciates in value when you buy it for the right price and in the right location (your real estate [more]